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Welcome to America Coin Exchange, Orange County's trusted buyers, sellers, and traders of gold, diamonds, coins, jewelry, and more. America Coin specializes in providing expert appraisals, personalized service, and the best values possible on all jewelry, diamonds, gold, Rolex watches, silverware, coins, old currency, and bullion. As a local family-owned and operated cash dealer since 1979, our services are designed to make what can tend to be a stressful process into one that is convenient and smooth. To make your selling, buying, and trading experience at America Coin Exchange satisfactory we offer Orange County:

Whether you’re a collector, investor, inheritor, significant other in search of the perfect gift, or are preparing to sell your estate, America Coin Exchange has the best values, highest cash payouts, and excellent customer service to suit your needs. Call ahead to arrange for an in-store appointment.

Orange County, California's Leading Cash Buyer of Gold, Jewelry, Coins & More

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At America Coin Exchange, we're determined to find our Orange County customers the highest cash deals on their precious metals, old paper currency, diamonds, and gemstones. We know the best techniques to price, grade, and appraise your valuables fairly and honestly. There's never a reason to postpone selling the broken gold jewelry or scrap silver collecting dust in your Orange County home, so why not cash in on them today at America Coin Exchange?

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Orange County, California's Best Choice for Estate & Collection Appraisals

When Orange County wants honest, accurate appraisals of their estates and collections, they rely on America Coin Exchange. Our family-owned and operated business has more than four decades of experience evaluating everything from entire estate collections to coin portfolios for insurance purposes. Over the years, we've performed appraisals for thousands of satisfied Orange County investors, collectors, sellers, and more; our assessments are always thorough and priced at the highest possible rates. Many of our Orange County clients continue to rely on our appraisal services, because they know they are getting evaluations that are accurate and fair. We do verbal evaluations or written appraisals depending on your needs and preferences. We offer in-store appraisals by appointment. Call now to get started!

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For jewelry, diamonds, and gold that's in great condition, yet priced significantly less than retail jewelers and warehouses, Orange County chooses America Coin Exchange. After four decades of buying, selling, trading, and pawning, we’ve acquired a voluminous, ever-changing inventory of quality goods, which we sell well below the standard retailer’s price tags. In addition to jewelry, gold, and diamonds, we are Orange County's preferred choice when it comes to buying and exchanging coins, silverware, bullion, and Rolexes. From rare shipwreck coins to gold Krugerrands, it’s more than likely that our diverse inventory holds what you’re looking for. If you’re in search of a rare item, call ahead so that we may locate it and ensure we have it ready by the time you visit our store. Call now to inquire about our broad selection, we’re here to help! Item delivery to Orange County can be arranged as needed.

We encourage our clients to call ahead if they are searching for a rare collectible item, so that we can locate it and have it ready by the time you arrive

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